About Me
Originally from Milan, Italy, Niccolò Pacella has established himself as a talented composer across visual arts and interactive media. Blending synthesis with the sounds of the orchestra, his style varies from intimate string arrangements and oneiric textures to powerful cinematic orchestrations.His musical studies led him to refine and cultivate his craft at the iconic Forum Studios in Rome, established by the legendary Ennio Morricone in collaboration with luminary composers Luis Bacalov, Piero Piccioni, and Armando Trovajoli. An experience that deepened his passion for film and solidified his commitment to carrying forward the rich tradition of Italian film composers.In 2022, Niccolò moved to Los Angeles to join the ranks of two-time Emmy award-winning, and BAFTA nominated Bleeding Fingers Music, after completing his studies at Berklee College of Music, where his exceptional talent was recognized with the George Delerue Memorial Scholarship—the highest honor bestowed by the Film Scoring Department. Since becoming part of Bleeding Fingers, Niccolò has collaborated on various projects, including critically acclaimed titles such as The Simpsons, Apple TV+'s Prehistoric Planet (nominated for a Primetime Emmy), and Baz Luhrman's Faraway Downs. In his role as a Junior Composer, he has contributed to diverse projects such as the BBC's Julius Caesar: The Making Of a Dictator, Hallmark Channel's My Norwegian Holiday, and the upcoming NBC documentary series, The Americas.Niccolò Pacella's journey is characterized by a commitment to his craft and a passion for exploring new sounds to create music that enhances storytelling. His compositions, whether subtle or grand, reflect a nuanced understanding of how music can elevate visual narratives.